It’s all about value and relevant content

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Ask yourself this question: “What do people care about of my brand?” Think about it. Think about it for a while. It’s an exercise that will give you a good return.

The answer is… I don’t know the answer, but surely It goes along this line: they care about what you do, how you do it and mainly why you do it. If your brand creates value for them, they’ll care about you.


So, identify what creates value for them and why will they be interested in your brand. Start communicating it. The aim of our tool is exactly this.

In PushRoom we’ve learnt, the hard-way, as it usually is, a lot of lessons and insights that help us to create everyday a better tool for brands, a tool that can give you advantages, not only work. We’ve learnt two main things: 1) People don’t explicitly care about your videos or your tweets, that is, the format of your content;  2) The majority of your customers simply don’t have time to go and gather all that information from many sources.

When someone is interested in you, make it easy for her to find the content she needs and cares. How? First: categorize all your content with relation of its subject. This exercise will, most surely, ask you to send some of your content to the trash. Do it, if it’s not worthwhile for your customers and your brand, why should you keep it? Second: Get all that good [categorized] content, without regard of its format, and put it all together, making easy for your customers to filter it out. In this second task, PushRoom will help you. If you think our tool is not a good one, comment us why.